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Reminders:Sci money 10 $, Ceder Glen Tomorrow Not normal days

Friday, Feb. 16th

LA: (Aha)
Math: Practice sheet on prisms
French: (Alphonse)
Science: Feb 26th Test 
           Solar Cars form
LA: (Circle)
Drama: (Reader's Theatre)
REMINDERS: Report envelope with page 4, Kleenex please, Cedar Glen next week

Thursday, Feb 15th

Science test on February 26th (electricity)
REMINDERS: Science $$


Math: the back chart 


French: Learn new vocabulary for descriptions and clothing 


Reminders:Pg 4 of report cards and envelopes,Sci money due Feb 21
La/ss: expanding Sentences 
Math: pg 222-223 #1-9
French learn new vocabulary For Clothing  


French: learn new vocabulary
for description
Ceder glen still available, Candy gram


LA/SS: Write 3 noun and verb word sentence 
Math: EQAO question and 360 and 361 #2,3,6,7,

Friday, Feb. 2nd

TT: (Be positive)
Music: (Rotations)
Math: (Quiz)
French: Review verbs
Science: (Presentations)
LA: (Expanding Sentences)
REMINDERS: Kleenex is needed

Wednesday, Jan 31st

Science: (presentations)
French: (despicable me assignment)
Math test on Friday (area)


french: movie sheet (despicable me) 
7.2 # 1,2 abcd

Friday, Jan 26

SS: #twistory due Monday at 12:01am
Science: Project presentations Tuesday
REMINDERS: Cedar Glen $

Thursday, Jan. 25

LA: (Persuasive paragraph)
Math: Quiz tomorrow on conversions
French: (Character Description Assignment) Bring pencil crayons to class tomorrow
Science: Presentations Tuesdays
SS: #twistory due SUNDAY (jot notes due Monday)
Drama: choose top 3 reader's theatre
REMINDERS: Cedar Glen Trip $

Wednesday, Jan. 24

Science: Presenting Friday
Math: Quiz on Metric Conversions FRIDAY
French: (Natalie)
LA: Persuasive rough copy
IT: (filming)
Reminders: Cedar Glen forms


LA/SS: jot notes due tomorrow 
French: finish mots mysteres 
Sci: project due friday 
LA/SS: rough draft due tomorrow 
Math:Area side due tomorrow 
Today is the info night 


Phe: practice dance present on tuesday
LA/SS:#twistory jot notes due tuesday 
Math: polygon sheet 
Reminder: parent info Jan 23.

Thursday, Jan 18

French: (part 1 of reading comp test)- PART 2 TOMORROW 
LA/SS: Persuasive paragraph tomorrow - search for twistory 
Reminders: pajama day tomorrow
Girls basketball tryout 7:00 am 

Wednesday, Jan 17

LA: Research & info for Persuasive
SS: (#twistory)
French: Review for Natalie au Quebec Test 
Science: Project due Jan 25
Drama: (Reader's Theatre)

Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018

Science: Space Project due Jan. 25
Math: Quiz tomorrow
French: (listening test)
LA: Choose topic for individual persuasive paragraph (gmail)


Math: quiz on Wednesday back of the definition sheet
Ski trip form due tomorrow only 10 spots lefts  


Art portfolios due next class
Math identifying triangles
Quiz form math on wednesday
ski money due tuesday  


Math: finish chart on Quadrlaterals
French: Quiz tomorrow 
Sci: Quiz on Monday and Jan.25 space project due 
LA/SS: info role due tomorrow   


LA/SS: (group persuasive) 
-Info circle 
role 4 due Friday

French: good copy of movie review due tomorrow will be presented  


Sci:quiz 15 and Jan 25 space project due 
French:Rough copy of movie review due tomorrow 
La/ss: ROLE DUE Friday  


LA/SS:info role 4 due Thur
SCI: Jan 15 space Quiz
French: pick a movie  
French quiz friday , ski form 

Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017

SS: Role #3 is due tomorrow, Discussion 3 is tomorrow
Math: (Quiz)
Science: Space Project due Jan. 25
LA: (Persuasive)
Drama: (Lazzo)
H&W: (Dodgeball)
REMINDERS: Secret Santa due asap

Tuesday Dec 19,2017

Math: Quiz tomorrow about measuring angles 
La/ss: role 3 due thursday 
French: (Allons au centre-ville)

Monday Dec 18, 2017

Sci: Test Tomorrow on Space words 
 Science project due jan.25

La/Ss:examples for OREO

Math:name angles , measuring angles Quiz on Monday 
Fr:(verb test)

Thursday, December 14th

Music: (Thompson Tunes)
Math: (Quiz)
French: Quiz tomorrow
Science: Space project due Jan. 25
LA: (Persuasive ideas)
REMINDERS: Secret Santa permission due tomorrow

Wednesday, December 13th

LA: (Persuasive crayons)
Math: Quiz tomorrow on Naming Angles
French: Verb test on Friday
Science: (Preparing for project)
Drama: (Lazzi presentations)
REMINDERS: Sign up for Spirit day, Secret Santa permission forms due asap

Tuesday, December 12th

Science: (worked on worksheet as a class)
Math: Math test on Friday (defining angles)
French: French retake test on Friday 
SS: (Dicussion #2)
Music: Concert tomorrow! Parents should come at 7 and students that are performing should come at 6:30
IT: Story board due Tuesday, December 19th

Monday, December 11th

Math: bring in protractors for angles !
SS: Discussion #2 tomorrow 

REMINDERS: Bring in items for food force (final day is tomorrow)


Reminders: bring in protractors for math,wonder movie on Monday.no home work☺, BRING IN DONATIONS FOR FOOD FORCE!


Math:quest tomorrow 

La/ss: get your tests signed,wonder movie on Monday 

Wednesday,Dec .6

La/ss: discusion # 2 on Friday
Math:quest Friday
French: review verds notes for test tomorrow 
Science:  Moon earth Sheet 

Wedneday, Dec.6

Science Dec. 19 Space Vocabulary Quiz
Jan 12 Mid Unit Space Quiz
Complete Earth Moon Sun Sheet


Math: p.g 418-419 
questions 1,2,3,4,5
Probability test Friday Dec.8
French: Review notes about verbs 
test on Thursday 
Science: space organizer 
Music:(rotations) (Jingle bells)
La/ss: (Persuasive writing)
It: (hour of code)


French:Review notes for verbs test on Thursday 
(Science - vocabulary test on dec. 19th)


Art:get quiz signed rough draft for portfolio 

French: Review notes about verbs of test next week 
wonder money due monday and food drive 

Thursday, Nov. 30

Music: (Practice Jingle Bells)
(2 Finger Blues Rotations)
Math: Pg. 414-15 #1,2,4,5,6
French: Review sentences in past, present & future
Science: (Quiz Part 2)
LA: Spelling test tomorrow
REMINDERS: Wonder $, Food force donations

Tuesday, Nov. 28

Science: Test tomorrow
Math: (Probability)
French: Review passe compose avec etre and avoir
SS: Role #1 due tomorrow...be prepared
REMINDERS: Wonder $, 63 Family Game Afternoon on Thursday (bring board games and snacks)


LA/SS:roles due tomorrow 
French: Review notes about passe compose complete the sentences
Sci:Nov 29 Quiz

Friday Nov. 24

French:review notes about verbs (Team verb challenge)

Reminders: WONDER $ 


La/ss: spelling and grammar test tomorrow 

Art land scape  due tomorrow 

wonder movie money    


Sci: (Helicopter) 

LA/SS: grammar and spelling test fri.


wonder money  


French:The story questions 
Sci:the 4 question on the page we got
Math: quiz tomorrow 


Fr: Review notes for ir and re verbs finish the verb  crosswords
Math: pg 142  2,3,4,5,6
Sci:study for quiz 

Thursday, Nov. 16 

Art: Line Landscape  due next friday 
LA/SS:study spelling words 
Fr: finish er page 
Health: due tomorrow send  it ,
Reminders: 4rock climbing, interview today and tomorrow   

Wednesday, Nov. 15

TT: Show your parents the interview slides
Music: (Assessment) (Rotation)
Math: pg. 139 #3,7 pg. 145 # 2,6,7
French: Review notes for -ER verbs
Science: Finish 9 Paper Ariplane Questions
LA: (Run on sentences)
REMINDERS: Interviews...Rock climbing...set up agendas (next Fri, Per 1,2,3 is Scientist in School)


French:Review a&e Aff & neg 
La ss :expand students worried  

\Mon. Nov. 13

Science: Complete questions 1-4
Flight Unit Quiz Moved to Nov/29
Math: Pg. 135 #1,2 TEST TOMORROW 
French: Write the 16 plural sentences
SS: (Info. circle roles)

Friday Nov.10 

SS: Practice role due monday 
French: Review A and E for test on Monday 
Math: Page 123 # 1,2,3 and 127 # 1 a-e, 2  a-e, 3 a-e  quiz Tuesday 
PHE: Slides 
Bring in report card and interview form signed, Rock Climbing permission form & $20 

Thursday Nov 9  

French:Review notes for avoir and etre for test on monday 

Health assignment and power to be me (all sections) due next friday 
Science money DUE TOMORROW
REMINDER: Return signed report card envelope and interview time request.


Math:pg 119 -120 1,4,5,6

French:Review notes for Avoir and Etre Quiz on Monday

Science: Finish question 1 to 6 comparing 4 Airplanes 

LA:(comparing sentences)

Art test tomorrow *must bring your own pencil crayons!
Science $ due ASAP! 

Tuesday, Nov. 7

SS: Add at least one bullet point of research on the shared INQUIRY MASTER document
Math: #2,3 numbers every day pg. 116
French: (Q-word quiz returned)
Update (ROA, AVOIR & ETRE)
Science: Analyze paper airplane
LA: Subject & Predicate a-f
Drama: (Mime Part 3 continued)
H&W: ( took up homework
REMINDERS: Science $ due NOV 24
Art test Friday, science test Nov 16

Monday, Nov. 6

Science: Design paper Airplane templates. Study for the flight quiz on Nov 16
Math: (watched math antics) 
French: Write the questions for each answer
SS: (Discussion Director)
Music: (rotation)
IT: (adding images to website)
REMINDERS: Science $. Picture forms due tomorrow. Photo re-take tomorrow


French:(Review & Q-word test) 
Science:(paper airplanes)
Health: Food journal sheet 


French: Review for test
Math:Quiz tomorrow   -
 pg 310 #5,6,8,9
Phe: section 1&2 


Math: Get test signed

French:Review question words (test this week)

Science: study for nov 16 test  l

Library trip tomorrow...bring Mississauga library card and an umbrella!

Tuesday, Oct. 31

LA: Get paragraph success criteria signed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Math: (Percentages)
French: Finish 1st page
Science: (Bill Nye)
SS: Mind Map signed with reflection
Drama: (Mime Part 3)
REMINDER: Science $, Photo orders

Monday, Oct. 30

Science: (took up kite questions)
Math: pg. 318 a-f
French: Review Q-words (test this week)
LA: Get paragraph mark signed, review examples with parents
REMINDERS: Science $
Hallowe'en tomorrow (dress up if you want)

Friday, Oct 27

Sci:complete kite question emailed 
Math: if not finished emailed

Thursday, Oct 26 

Bring in Science Permission Form and money

Art: Color test next week bring pencil crayons

La/ss: Rough draft of a ideal student paragraph

French: 25 adj. on the list 
Math:pg 310 #1,2,4

Wednesday, Oct 25:

Music: (practice notes), (blues)
Math: (Test)
French: (Test)
          Finish the vocab matches
Science: Finish hot air balloon experiment
LA: Think about what makes a fantastic/super/wonderful/amazing student
SS: (Info circle Meaning Maker)
REMINDER: Photo order form due asap
*Nov. 2 - we go to the library
*Nov. 16 Science Test

Tuesday, Oct. 24:

SS: (Mind map)
Math: Quiz tomorrow!!! Pg. 334 #1-7
French: Review 'Quelle heure est-il?' for test tomorrow
Science: (Experiments)
Drama: (Mime Part 2)
REMINDERS: Picture order forms due NOV. 7 (no extensions)

Monday, Oct 23:

LA: (Paragraph writing)
Math: Finish fence question
        Math test tomorrow
French: (Bingo) vocab review for classroom objects
                Test tomorrow
SS: Mind map due tomorrow

Friday, 19 Oct:

Art: pencil crayons and markers 
La/ss: mind map due Monday  
French : review quelle heure est-il test next week
Math:pg 296 #2,3
Science: Nov. 16. Flight Unit Quiz

Wednesday, Oct. 18

Music: (Rotations) Practice 1st 5 notes
Math: Simplest form fractions
French: (Listening test) Review "Quelle heure est-il)
Science: (Bernouilli Exp.)
LA: (Ideal Class paragraph)
SS: (Canadian Culture mind map)

Tuesday, Oct. 17

LA: Having a positive attitude (detail sentence with explanation 2-3 sentences) CHECK GMAIL!!!
Math: (Fractions)
French: Review "les prepositions"
              Listening test tomorrow
Science: (Hypothesis)
SS: (Mind maps)
Drama: (Mime)
REMINDERS: Get your agenda signed!

Monday, Oct. 16

French: Review "les prepositions" Listening Test later this week...Finish two columns of words
Math: Complete 1 & 4 if unfinished pg. 296
IT: Finish website pages
SS: Rough draft of Canadian Culture (lots of info - no pictures needed yet!)
REMINDERS: Picture day tomorrow

French: Find at least 24 words in word search

LA/SS: complete Canadian culture ideas
Science: study for science quiz om monday 
(science words)

Tuesday, Oct, 10

LASS: I Am reflection and parent signatures due tomorrow
Math: (Fractions)
French: Review answers about Claire, In class reading assignment tomorrow about another student
Science: -Complete all observations and conclusions for the  air experiments
-Lab report for last experiment due Oct/13
-Flight Vocabulary Quiz Oct/16

Thursday, October, 5

Periods 5,6,7 Team Building at O'Connor Park : )
- Flight Trip money due Tuesday
- Library card info due

Wednesday, October 4

Open House tonight from 6 to 7:30pm!
LA: (I Am Poem presentations) - continue to practice if you have not presented
French: (Presented Salut)
Math: n/h
LA: www.currents4kids.com  Read Two Hundred Years on Two Wheels and complete the On the Lines quiz
Science: Finish experiment observations/conclusion for experiments conducted
- Flight Trip money due Tuesday
- Library Card information due asap

Thursday, September 28

Science: Read procedures for experiments (gmail)
Math: #3,4,5 Pg. 139
French: Review numbers (rematch next week)
               Review new vocab (BINGO next week)
LA: Memorize poem (presentations next week)
REMINDERS: Terry Fox $2, wear red tomorrow, Flight Trip $

Monday, September 25

Art: Bring a sketchbook or $5 for a sketchbook

- Pencil crayons needed next class

LA: continue to memorize poem

Julie Payette article Questions #1-9

Science: Oct 16 Flight Vocabulary Quiz

Science: Oct 23 Properties of Air Quiz

Thursday, September 21

H&W:(play football) 
LA:start to memorize poem 
Math:watch video on long div  
Music:(watched a video/assembled instrument)  
French:Review numbers 
REMINDERS:Terry fox next Friday bring tonnie   

Tuesday, September 19

Science: Crack the Code Worksheet
Math: pg. 51 #1-3
French: Finish word wheel (30-35 words)

Monday,September 18

French:(presented partner introduction)
Music: talk to your parents about the super fun band
LA: I Am poem...rough draft due tomorrow

Friday, September 15

Math: p.49 q.1
LA/SS: I am 1 stanza  poem due Monday
French: partner introduction will be presented  on Monday 

Thursday, September 14

PHE: gym clothes $
LASS: Face Wordle pencil words due tomorrow
Math: Pg. 46 q. 1,2 4
Music: talk about band
French: Using a French-English dictionary correctly)

Tuesday, September 12

Math: 3 questions
French: Review "les expressions utiles"
LA: Check spelling for all I AM ME words
H&W: gym clothes $

Monday, September 11

Science: (Hypothesis)
French: Practice introductions (will be presented), more effort on the title pages
Art: bring pencils/erasers/pencil crayons/sketchbooks
Music: Band forms
LA/SS: 40+ adjectives for I Am...Me
Drama: (Rules)
REMINDERS: Student Fee & Forms, OSOR Form corrections in red pen

Friday, September 8

Thompson Time: (Values)
Math: Finish good copy of Get to Know You 1-10
LA: Good copy of Letter to June Self due Monday (border coloured)
French: Title Page and practise introduction
REMINDERS: Student fee & forms

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