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Monday, September 25

Art: Bring a sketchbook or $5 for a sketchbook

- Pencil crayons needed next class

LA: continue to memorize poem

Julie Payette article Questions #1-9

Thursday, September 21

H&W:(play football) 
LA:start to memorize poem 
Math:watch video on long div  
Music:(watched a video/assembled instrument)  
French:Review numbers 
REMINDERS:Terry fox next Friday bring tonnie   

Tuesday, September 19

Science: Crack the Code Worksheet
Math: pg. 51 #1-3
French: Finish word wheel (30-35 words)

Monday,September 18

French:(presented partner introduction)
Music: talk to your parents about the super fun band
LA: I Am poem...rough draft due tomorrow

Friday, September 15

Math: p.49 q.1
LA/SS: I am 1 stanza  poem due Monday
French: partner introduction will be presented  on Monday 

Thursday, September 14

PHE: gym clothes $
LASS: Face Wordle pencil words due tomorrow
Math: Pg. 46 q. 1,2 4
Music: talk about band
French: Using a French-English dictionary correctly)

Tuesday, September 12

Math: 3 questions
French: Review "les expressions utiles"
LA: Check spelling for all I AM ME words
H&W: gym clothes $

Monday, September 11

Science: (Hypothesis)
French: Practice introductions (will be presented), more effort on the title pages
Art: bring pencils/erasers/pencil crayons/sketchbooks
Music: Band forms
LA/SS: 40+ adjectives for I Am...Me
Drama: (Rules)
REMINDERS: Student Fee & Forms, OSOR Form corrections in red pen

Friday, September 8

Thompson Time: (Values)
Math: Finish good copy of Get to Know You 1-10
LA: Good copy of Letter to June Self due Monday (border coloured)
French: Title Page and practise introduction
REMINDERS: Student fee & forms

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