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Friday Nov. 24

French:review notes about verbs (Team verb challenge)

Reminders: WONDER $ 


La/ss: spelling and grammar test tomorrow 

Art land scape  due tomorrow 

wonder movie money    


Sci: (Helicopter) 

LA/SS: grammar and spelling test fri.


wonder money  


French:The story questions 
Sci:the 4 question on the page we got
Math: quiz tomorrow 


Fr: Review notes for ir and re verbs finish the verb  crosswords
Math: pg 142  2,3,4,5,6
Sci:study for quiz 

Thursday, Nov. 16 

Art: Line Landscape  due next friday 
LA/SS:study spelling words 
Fr: finish er page 
Health: due tomorrow send  it ,
Reminders: 4rock climbing, interview today and tomorrow   

Wednesday, Nov. 15

TT: Show your parents the interview slides
Music: (Assessment) (Rotation)
Math: pg. 139 #3,7 pg. 145 # 2,6,7
French: Review notes for -ER verbs
Science: Finish 9 Paper Ariplane Questions
LA: (Run on sentences)
REMINDERS: Interviews...Rock climbing...set up agendas (next Fri, Per 1,2,3 is Scientist in School)


French:Review a&e Aff & neg 
La ss :expand students worried  

\Mon. Nov. 13

Science: Complete questions 1-4
Flight Unit Quiz Moved to Nov/29
Math: Pg. 135 #1,2 TEST TOMORROW 
French: Write the 16 plural sentences
SS: (Info. circle roles)

Friday Nov.10 

SS: Practice role due monday 
French: Review A and E for test on Monday 
Math: Page 123 # 1,2,3 and 127 # 1 a-e, 2  a-e, 3 a-e  quiz Tuesday 
PHE: Slides 
Bring in report card and interview form signed, Rock Climbing permission form & $20 

Thursday Nov 9  

French:Review notes for avoir and etre for test on monday 

Health assignment and power to be me (all sections) due next friday 
Science money DUE TOMORROW
REMINDER: Return signed report card envelope and interview time request.


Math:pg 119 -120 1,4,5,6

French:Review notes for Avoir and Etre Quiz on Monday

Science: Finish question 1 to 6 comparing 4 Airplanes 

LA:(comparing sentences)

Art test tomorrow *must bring your own pencil crayons!
Science $ due ASAP! 

Tuesday, Nov. 7

SS: Add at least one bullet point of research on the shared INQUIRY MASTER document
Math: #2,3 numbers every day pg. 116
French: (Q-word quiz returned)
Update (ROA, AVOIR & ETRE)
Science: Analyze paper airplane
LA: Subject & Predicate a-f
Drama: (Mime Part 3 continued)
H&W: ( took up homework
REMINDERS: Science $ due NOV 24
Art test Friday, science test Nov 16

Monday, Nov. 6

Science: Design paper Airplane templates. Study for the flight quiz on Nov 16
Math: (watched math antics) 
French: Write the questions for each answer
SS: (Discussion Director)
Music: (rotation)
IT: (adding images to website)
REMINDERS: Science $. Picture forms due tomorrow. Photo re-take tomorrow


French:(Review & Q-word test) 
Science:(paper airplanes)
Health: Food journal sheet 


French: Review for test
Math:Quiz tomorrow   -
 pg 310 #5,6,8,9
Phe: section 1&2 


Math: Get test signed

French:Review question words (test this week)

Science: study for nov 16 test  l

Library trip tomorrow...bring Mississauga library card and an umbrella!

Tuesday, Oct. 31

LA: Get paragraph success criteria signed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Math: (Percentages)
French: Finish 1st page
Science: (Bill Nye)
SS: Mind Map signed with reflection
Drama: (Mime Part 3)
REMINDER: Science $, Photo orders

Monday, Oct. 30

Science: (took up kite questions)
Math: pg. 318 a-f
French: Review Q-words (test this week)
LA: Get paragraph mark signed, review examples with parents
REMINDERS: Science $
Hallowe'en tomorrow (dress up if you want)

Friday, Oct 27

Sci:complete kite question emailed 
Math: if not finished emailed

Thursday, Oct 26 

Bring in Science Permission Form and money

Art: Color test next week bring pencil crayons

La/ss: Rough draft of a ideal student paragraph

French: 25 adj. on the list 
Math:pg 310 #1,2,4

Wednesday, Oct 25:

Music: (practice notes), (blues)
Math: (Test)
French: (Test)
          Finish the vocab matches
Science: Finish hot air balloon experiment
LA: Think about what makes a fantastic/super/wonderful/amazing student
SS: (Info circle Meaning Maker)
REMINDER: Photo order form due asap
*Nov. 2 - we go to the library
*Nov. 16 Science Test

Tuesday, Oct. 24:

SS: (Mind map)
Math: Quiz tomorrow!!! Pg. 334 #1-7
French: Review 'Quelle heure est-il?' for test tomorrow
Science: (Experiments)
Drama: (Mime Part 2)
REMINDERS: Picture order forms due NOV. 7 (no extensions)

Monday, Oct 23:

LA: (Paragraph writing)
Math: Finish fence question
        Math test tomorrow
French: (Bingo) vocab review for classroom objects
                Test tomorrow
SS: Mind map due tomorrow

Friday, 19 Oct:

Art: pencil crayons and markers 
La/ss: mind map due Monday  
French : review quelle heure est-il test next week
Math:pg 296 #2,3
Science: Nov. 16. Flight Unit Quiz

Wednesday, Oct. 18

Music: (Rotations) Practice 1st 5 notes
Math: Simplest form fractions
French: (Listening test) Review "Quelle heure est-il)
Science: (Bernouilli Exp.)
LA: (Ideal Class paragraph)
SS: (Canadian Culture mind map)

Tuesday, Oct. 17

LA: Having a positive attitude (detail sentence with explanation 2-3 sentences) CHECK GMAIL!!!
Math: (Fractions)
French: Review "les prepositions"
              Listening test tomorrow
Science: (Hypothesis)
SS: (Mind maps)
Drama: (Mime)
REMINDERS: Get your agenda signed!

Monday, Oct. 16

French: Review "les prepositions" Listening Test later this week...Finish two columns of words
Math: Complete 1 & 4 if unfinished pg. 296
IT: Finish website pages
SS: Rough draft of Canadian Culture (lots of info - no pictures needed yet!)
REMINDERS: Picture day tomorrow

French: Find at least 24 words in word search

LA/SS: complete Canadian culture ideas
Science: study for science quiz om monday 
(science words)

Tuesday, Oct, 10

LASS: I Am reflection and parent signatures due tomorrow
Math: (Fractions)
French: Review answers about Claire, In class reading assignment tomorrow about another student
Science: -Complete all observations and conclusions for the  air experiments
-Lab report for last experiment due Oct/13
-Flight Vocabulary Quiz Oct/16

Thursday, October, 5

Periods 5,6,7 Team Building at O'Connor Park : )
- Flight Trip money due Tuesday
- Library card info due

Wednesday, October 4

Open House tonight from 6 to 7:30pm!
LA: (I Am Poem presentations) - continue to practice if you have not presented
French: (Presented Salut)
Math: n/h
LA: www.currents4kids.com  Read Two Hundred Years on Two Wheels and complete the On the Lines quiz
Science: Finish experiment observations/conclusion for experiments conducted
- Flight Trip money due Tuesday
- Library Card information due asap

Thursday, September 28

Science: Read procedures for experiments (gmail)
Math: #3,4,5 Pg. 139
French: Review numbers (rematch next week)
               Review new vocab (BINGO next week)
LA: Memorize poem (presentations next week)
REMINDERS: Terry Fox $2, wear red tomorrow, Flight Trip $

Monday, September 25

Art: Bring a sketchbook or $5 for a sketchbook

- Pencil crayons needed next class

LA: continue to memorize poem

Julie Payette article Questions #1-9

Science: Oct 16 Flight Vocabulary Quiz

Science: Oct 23 Properties of Air Quiz

Thursday, September 21

H&W:(play football) 
LA:start to memorize poem 
Math:watch video on long div  
Music:(watched a video/assembled instrument)  
French:Review numbers 
REMINDERS:Terry fox next Friday bring tonnie   

Tuesday, September 19

Science: Crack the Code Worksheet
Math: pg. 51 #1-3
French: Finish word wheel (30-35 words)

Monday,September 18

French:(presented partner introduction)
Music: talk to your parents about the super fun band
LA: I Am poem...rough draft due tomorrow

Friday, September 15

Math: p.49 q.1
LA/SS: I am 1 stanza  poem due Monday
French: partner introduction will be presented  on Monday 

Thursday, September 14

PHE: gym clothes $
LASS: Face Wordle pencil words due tomorrow
Math: Pg. 46 q. 1,2 4
Music: talk about band
French: Using a French-English dictionary correctly)

Tuesday, September 12

Math: 3 questions
French: Review "les expressions utiles"
LA: Check spelling for all I AM ME words
H&W: gym clothes $

Monday, September 11

Science: (Hypothesis)
French: Practice introductions (will be presented), more effort on the title pages
Art: bring pencils/erasers/pencil crayons/sketchbooks
Music: Band forms
LA/SS: 40+ adjectives for I Am...Me
Drama: (Rules)
REMINDERS: Student Fee & Forms, OSOR Form corrections in red pen

Friday, September 8

Thompson Time: (Values)
Math: Finish good copy of Get to Know You 1-10
LA: Good copy of Letter to June Self due Monday (border coloured)
French: Title Page and practise introduction
REMINDERS: Student fee & forms

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